Just Raffit is run and funded by a team of entrepreneurs based on the South coast of the UK. They have discovered a niche market which so far has been untapped. Online raffles are already trending on Facebook and there is a growing need to offer the same principle to people who wish to manage raffles in a wider and safer environment. Just Raffit does just that. It provides a secure and unbreakable facility to hold raffles and generate a winning ticket. There are complex scripts and watertight algorithms in place to generate a winning ticket at random. If you want to view how this is done in detail please click here…

At Just Raffit, each raffle is protected, tracked and facilitated by the auditors. Each member is vetted and contactable by the auditors. Members have access to private messaging , member ratings and customer feedback. Users can also feel assured that prices, payments and deliveries are regulated and vetted before taking place.

Just Raffit aims to provide a safe, secure and fun environment for users to participate in raffles and navigate through the site with ease. The core values are trust, respect and transparency in order for members to use the site time and time again and recommend it to others.


If you need to contact us, please email us at enquiry@justraffit.com.

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