Question: What fees will I have to pay?

Answer: Extra raffle tickets are added to the sell to cover the hosting fees of each item listed and will go to the site owners.

Question: How do I add an item to raffle?

Answer: As a member you will simply need to select the option to 'Post a new raffle' on the home page, select category, item details, price, postage (or collection only if a large item) and list the raffle. Please note any details can be amended or deleted by you if needed. The item will be listed for upto a year until all raffle tickets are sold or you withdraw the item. If the item is withdrawn, all raffle tickets purchased for the item will be refunded.

Question: What price limits are there when listing a raffle?

Answer: It is advised to list a raffle at the price of the item plus up to 20%. Please note the auditors will monitor prices to ensure that a realistic price is offered.

Question: What assurance is there that the seller will actually post the item and the item is genuine and matched the description on the listing?

Answer: The winner of the raffle will get sent a 4 digit code with their winning email notification. This must be given to the seller for the seller to claim the cost of the item. If there is any problem with the item or the seller, you can with hold the code until the issue has been resolved. A complaint can be raised at any time and the site auditors will act swiftly to resolve your issue or demand a refund to all the ticket holders.

Question: How do I trust this site or the sellers?

Answer: All members are rated by other members, also feedback is available from member to member. The better the feedback rating, then the more trusted the seller is. The site is secure and regularly monitored by the auditors and any issues with trust and reliability will be addressed.

Question: How do I trust that the raffle draw is generated at random and not fixed?

Answer: We do everything possible to ensure transparency of this site. The raffle draw is generated using the latest secure technology.

Instructions and Tips:

  • When adding a raffle item, the raffle will start 2 hours after all the tickets are sold. The raffle holder will be able to change the time if the tickets all sell quickly or if they are selling too slowly. (all ticket holders will be notified by email if any of these changes occur).
  • If the tickets are not all sold, the raffle holder may decide to commence the draw. Otherwise refunds will be credited to the current ticket holders.
  • Postage needs to be added at the time of the listing. If the item is too large to post, then the "collection only" option will be used. The location will be displayed with the item listing.